LA Charme lashes are the key to transforming your look from understated to extraordinary. With every application, our lashes deliver that intangible “wow factor” we all search for and so seldom find. From perfectly framing your eyes during an otherwise makeup-free moment to adding jaw-dropping emphasis to a professionally created look worthy of the catwalk (or the club), LA Charme’s lash collection is instant confidence in a very pretty package.

At our very core, LA Charme is about quality and simplicity. Rather than focusing on bells and whistles that distract from our lashes’ key characteristics instead of enhancing them, we’ve chosen to zero in on developing products that match our values as well as those of our customers. We've partnered with skilled Indonesian artisans to hand-craft both synthetic faux-mink lashes and lashes made from 100 percent human hair. Looks range from natural and lush to breathtakingly dramatic, all secured to an invisible band designed for easy application and flawless presentation.

LA Charme lashes are reusable and lightly packaged for minimal waste, and all of our products are cruelty-free so you can enjoy affordable, achievable beauty with complete peace of mind.

Above all, these are upper-echelon lashes everyone can wear. No matter who you are, where you come from or what artistic goal you have in mind, there’s an LA Charme lash that’s just waiting to be worn. Grab your glue and get ready to smize: A whole new level of beauty awaits.