LA Charme is the brainchild of legacy lash experts who dreamt of a product line that all consumers could enjoy. From relative newbies just learning about makeup tips and techniques to professional MUAs who work on some of the biggest names in haute couture and showbiz, everyone can use our lashes to bring their creative vision to life. You don’t have to be a professional to use our lashes, but you might feel like one once you catch a sneak peek in the mirror.

Some brands dabble in lashes. At LA Charme, we’ve made lashes our business for over 50 years. There are some people who believe you’re never fully dressed without a smile, but we feel utterly naked without a line of dark, feathery lashes framing our eyes. Simple and chic lashes for everyday wear, fuller versions that transition seamlessly from day to night, natural yet glamorous lashes that exude Hollywood glam — they’re all represented as part of our mission to empower customers of all ages, backgrounds and aspirations as they seek to look and feel their very best.

From our position as the first experts in this once-fledgling industry to our current reputation as master craftsmen who offer quality products and competitive pricing, we’ve stood the test of time for a reason. Our lashes are handmade in Indonesia using the finest materials on the market, driving home our commitment to quality, style and fit. We’re proud of our reputation, but we’re even more thrilled about the far-reaching network of customers and lash fanatics that form the LA Charme family. We keep it real so that you can too.